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Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap encourages individuals to explore happiness as a community. Building upon scientific research showing a positive correlation between people's self-reported levels of happiness and their perceptions of feeling connected to their communities, Mind the Gap offers a flexible approach for increasing personal happiness and developing happy communities. Just as the frequent reminders by London's Underground Officials to 'mind the gap' between the platform  and the track when boarding the tube help to prevent injuries caused by people falling into the gap, intentionally inspecting the gaps in a community, and systematically closing those gaps from within through meaningful engagement promotes healthy and happy communities. Focusing on three pillars of happiness: Grit, Action, and Place, Mind the Gap shares research in accessible language while offering a guide for hosting a happiness quest in your community.
Sunrise Sunset Cover EBook.tiff

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Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset offers a collection of poetic reflections on life’s greatest challenges. Each poem is preceded by a quote from the author highlighting insights that led to inspirations. From COVID-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement, current events offer poignant reminders of prevalent desires and concerns shared by people across time. 

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